HI there…

This is an app for people who want to rent a Scooter for quotidian rides. It instantly provides users with the most convenient options.

This UI Kit features a renting flow. The first screen shows a map with nearby scooters and cards with available types of vehicles. Ride details – time, distance, price – are shown on the second screen.

Having analyzed popular car rental apps, we’ve found that a map is a very important element of this kind of apps. Based on this, we’ve chosen a light color palette not to distract users from what matters most to them. We’ve also used the effects of neumorphism (design trend of 2022) on Scooter cards for better usability – it makes it obvious for a user that a card is tappable.

What are the cool features of this app? There are lots of them! Ability to view parking lots, a route to a chosen Scooter, and the time it will take to reach it. Quick choice of a vehicle… and did we mention an ability to review past rides and road trips? This is a great way to keep track of your movements.

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