Paysa is a top-notch UI kit created using the latest design trends and technologies. A highly detailed user interface template will help you design web or mobile apps for a FinTech startup. Design a banking app, personal wallet, trading app, money transfer services, expense tracking, budgeting tools, and many more financial tools with the Paysa UI template.

Our UI kit is compatible with Sketch and Figma apps. Use a tool of your choice to design a UI faster with our Design System which includes symbols, layers, and font styles. Paysa UI template is a perfect start for financial SaaS apps’ user interface design.

We designed 124 web pages and mobile app screens. Also, you can use our set of 286 vector UI kit symbols to build your product design. All symbols and objects are vector-based and easily editable. We used primary Google Font and Material Icon Font for text styles and icons. See the full preview to take a closer look at all artboards that you will get after the purchase.


Key Features:
✅ 124 Pages & screens
✅ 286 UI symbols
✅ 12 Design categories
✅ Google fonts
✅ Compatible with Sketch and Figma
✅ Vector-Based & fully editable
✅ Built-in design system


12 User Interface categories:
💻 Login and Register
🎛 Dashboard
💵 Accounts
💳 Cards
📊 Transactions
💸 Payment
💎 Private Transfers
📄 Invoicing
💶 Trading
📈 Reports
⭐️ Tutorials
⚙️ Settings

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