Novalivia is an abstract modern Landing page design with two different Concepts.

Novalivia Landing page was beautifully crafted for an E-commerce website design. This Landing page could be used as a product E-commerce design in such categories as Jewelry, fashion, clothing or skincare.

Bringing the concept of abstract and overlay images but still, put modernism itself.

Novalivia landing page comes with a complete Ordered design layered. You could easily change all the colors, sections, symbols, and icons.

Right Now Novalivia is available on only adobe XD App File, You can open it in Adobe photoshop and Figma too.

This Landing page design includes:

👉 Two Modern Concepts.

👉 Professional Images.

👉 Ordered Layers.

👉 Paid Icons.

👉 Creative & Paid Fonts.

👉 Modern Off layout Design.

I’m available to talk to and support you if you have any questions or need more pages of it 😊❤️


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